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>Which’s Easier? Living or Dying?


Have you ever considered what you would do if faced with the choice to deny Jesus as Lord or die?

I think most Christians have, and that they reach the conclusion “yes,” they COULD die for Jesus. I think, if faced with the choice, “Acknowledge Him as Lord and die, but admit He is not Lord and you will live” then most Christians know they could chose Christ as Lord.

But upon further thought, I think the most important question is not whether I could die for Jesus, but whether I could give up my life for Him.

What I mean is, am I willing to give up what I want to do, and spend the time doing what He wants me to do?

Jesus said, He who would gain his life, must lose it! (Matt 10:39)

Let me frame it in a real life situation. Should I watch another rerun of That 70s Show, or should I turn the TV off and work on the Bible Study lesson I have? (2 Tim 2:15)

Should I luxuriate in bed Sunday morning, or obey His command to “forsake not the gathering together of Christians, as is the habit of some…”? (Heb 10:25)

Should I complain away about a brother or sister when they have hurt me, or should I clamp my mouth shut and take that concern to the Lord, them and my spiritual advisor if necessary? (Mt 11:25, Mt 18)

Giving up my life is NOT an easy decision. And it’s not a one-time decision. It’s a daily question. In my life, sometimes it’s a moment-by-moment question. Will I walk with Him, giving up my wants and obeying His direction? Or will I do what pleases my flesh?

Sometimes I sound like a whiny adolescent “It’s MY life!!! I should get to do what I want!”

And God lets me. Every day He lets me choose what I want most. Do I want MOST to please myself, or do I want MOST to please Him? Sometimes, I choose to do what my flesh wants; sometimes I choose to give up my life for Him. And that is when I gain everything, and truly lose nothing of value.

When I choose to do what HE wants me to, I usually end up with an almost immediate delight in the outcome! For example, when I go ahead and turn the TV of that rerun, and study to prepare the lesson, then I usually find out that something that study time revealed actually helped a friend! When I roll out of bed and attend worship services, I usually experience His presence during worship or hearing something that truly helps me in a struggle I have.

Give it some thought. After you’ve made the decision you could DIE for Him… consider whether you could give up your life for Him.


  1. Amy


    >thats great Jenna..just had a conversation with a young lady in high school- who is also a neighbor about the same subject:) She wants to get baptized but she knows she will have to live different and she is not willing to give up her lifestyle & make different choices…her family attends church reguarly…she knows God's promises but she would rather WAIT to follow Jesus so she can have fun in high school? any thoughts for my young friend who won't listen to ME?

  2. Jenna


    I think I’d ask her if she ever found her self in the position of being USED. For her car, her cool stuff, her other friendships. Or ask her if she ever had a friend that was USED by someone else.
    Talk about how it feels to be used.
    Talk about the difference between someone USING you, and actually having a relationship with you.
    Does she admire the USER? Respect the User? Under what circumstances is it ok to be a USER?
    This is all relevant, because she doesn’t truly want a relationship with God, she just wants to USE Him for the cool stuff He has to offer.

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