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Through her sense of humor (and her sense of style) Jenna lights up a room. She has helped our Women’s Ministry Leadership team discover our gifts and talents and move forward in unity to accomplish our goals in ministry.
Christine Mann
Women’s Ministry Director, New Life Church
Denton, TX

Jenna Lang is the epitome of sass, energy, humor, strength, encouragement and inspiration. Every time I am honored to hear her speak, I leave ready to fight! Ready to fight for what I believe, for what I want, and for who I am. God has blessed her with the amazing ability to show women their elegance and strength at the same time. She uses her gifts well!!!
Amanda Collie
Women’s Ministry Leader, Hilltop Baptist
Rusk, TX

I unhesitatingly recommend her. Her practical approach to
scripture coupled with humor and anointing touched everyone.
She is truly a gift to the Body of Christ. We hope she’ll
come back to St. Louis again.
Jerrye Woods
President of St. Louis South County AGLOW

Jenna Lang is a thought-provoking, gifted, and insightful speaker, who has the ability
to pull truths from scripture in a way that brings the Word to
life. I recall one of her messages on women of the Bible, given
at Aglow in St Louis, MO. The revelation she shared opened an
entirely new perspective on what it must have been like to serve
God then, and how we can better serve Him now.
I also had the opportunity to minister with Jenna at a women’s
conference she organized, called REAL-ize, geared toward helping
women differentiate between a good plan, versus a God plan.
The sessions built on one another, culminating with the call
for women to surrender what may be “good,” but not God’s best.
It was a powerful time of ministry.
Micle Flora
Worship Leader

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  1. WOW! I am blown away by the content of this site! Thank you for sharing your heart and creativity through inspirational words, Jenna! I hope you don’t mind, but when my kids play videos, they look for help, which they call “cheats”, to guide them….. YOUR SITE is my new “cheat!” YOU have done my research for me… I will be visiting here, OFTEN, for inspiration and ideas! GREAT JOB!

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