Help CoverIn these 12 minute ‘casts, Jenna and her cohost Shawna give Hope, Encouragement, Love and point listeners toward Peace.

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#2 The Difference Trusting God has Made for Us (2/12/13)

#3 What Trusting God Looks Like for UsĀ (2/19/13)

#4 Highway to Trusting God (2/26/13)

#5 The Alternate Route to Trusting God (3/5/13)

#6 Trust for Different Personalities (3/12/13)

#7 One Key to Trusting God (3/19/13)

#8 Becoming a Person of Faith (3/26/13)

#9 Your Children Benefit from Your Faith (4/2/13)

#10 The Enemy Speaks Your Language (4/9/13)

#11 Failing God (4/16/13)

#12 Grace not Acquittal (4/23/13)